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Return Address


Too often businesses overlook including a return address on their postcards. You'll want to make sure your graphic designer includes this important element on your postcard marketing layout, as it can:

  • Help you keep your mailing list up to date
  • Provide an opportunity for reinforcing your brand
  • Keep track of those who didn't receive your postcard

How a Return Address Helps Your Postcard Campaign
Work a Little Harder for You

First Class Mail - If you are using First Class Mail to send your postcards, they will be forwarded automatically to anyone who has moved within the last year and registered their new address with the post office.

If it has been more than one year, the post office will send your postcard back to you and also let you know the new address on file for the recipient. Then you can update your mailing list and keep track of any leads who have moved, also sending the postcard to the new address if you wish. If you haven't included your return address, you'll have no way of knowing the intended recipient moved and didn't receive your postcard campaign.

Standard Bulk Rate - When you use Standard Bulk Rate, you'll enjoy lower postage rates but your postcards will not be forwarded automatically to new addresses or sent back to you if the address is no longer valid for the recipient. They will simply be disposed of.

However, there are services available that let you instruct the post office what to do when the intended recipient is no longer at the expected address. These are available for your direct mail campaign at an additional charge (learn more about direct mail rates):

  • Occupant / Exceptional Address - tells the post office to leave the postcard at the
    address even if the intended recipient has moved.
  • Ancillary Service Endorsement - there are two types of ancillary service endorsements:
    • Return Service Requested - the postcard will be returned to you with the
      new address information for the intended recipient.
    • Address Service Requested - The postcard will be forwarded to the new
      address on file and you'll be sent a separate notification of the new address.

In order to take advantage of services above when you use the lower bulk rate, you'll need to make sure your return address is included in your postcard layout. Please let us know if you would like us to help you build or augment your mailing list as well as design and print your direct mail materials.

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