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Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing: A Revolutionary print marketing process to increase your direct mail response rates

Boost your Direct Mailing Campaign's response rate by over 30% with Variable Data Printing from Online Prints!

Our Variable Data Printing (VDP) service, also called Variable Information Printing (VIP or VI), lets you easily customize your message individually targeting each customer, creating a personalized effect in your direct mail communications. Studies have shown that marketing using Variable-Data Printing increases response rates by up to 30% over traditional mass production direct mailing campaigns.

Variable Data Postcard

Variable Data Printing technology allows you to personalize your postcard marketing for each customer; allowing you to deliver your message in a way that connects with them on individual basis. Every print for your direct mail marketing campaign would have the same basic layout design template but each personalized postcard could be printed using variable data from your customer database such as personalized salutations and customized messages that include attention grabbing personal information such as your customer's name. Even images can be tailored by client and included as a variable element in the VDP process to achieve maximum visual impact to help you grab and secure your customer's attention, making Variable Data Printing the most effective tool for increasing the ROI for your direct marketing campaigns.

Here's how it works: Variable Data Printing, a form of mass customization, lets you pull information from a database or external file to effortlessly change not only text but also graphics from one printed piece to the next, personalizing communications according to the recipient. Variable Data Printing has been proven successful when used in direct mailing campaigns, customer relationship management (CRM), and other popular forms of print advertising.

Variable Data Printing offers opportunities for every business. A car dealership can send postcard reminders for tune-ups based featuring the customer's name, mileage of the vehicle and an image of the model of car purchased. A spa can boost revenue and customer rapport when it targets its message to include text, images and information tailored to each customer's favorite service. Any retail outlet can draw more frequent shoppers by personalizing its direct mail advertising according to the products each customer is most interested in. Even doctor's offices, real estate agents, veterinarians, lawyers, business services and so on can now communicate more personally with all their customers at once. Quite simply, Variable Data Printing is the most dynamic form of marketing available for use with printed promotional materials.

You will find the best VDP service and all of the necessary elements for a successful direct mail marketing campaign right here at Online Prints.

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